Premier 800F







カナダ製 - パラダイムスピーカー

カナダ製 - パラダイムスピーカー



性能と価値に関する当社の基準を満たすラウドスピーカーを製造するために、私たちは製造プロセスを完全に管理しました。これはこの価格帯で前例のない動きです。私達の最先端の北米施設では、私達は慣例に反するスピーカーを製造しました。 Paradigmファミリーのスピーカーのいたるところに見られる革新から恩恵を受ける自家製のスピーカー。






Premier Seriesスピーカーは、Paradigmの最先端の225,000 ft 2のカナダの施設で設計、設計、製造されています。我々は、この価格帯で他にはないオーディオ性能を確実にするために、最適に配置されたインテリアブレースと強化されたフロントバッフルを備えた、頑丈な非共振3/4インチMDFを選びました。 1インチのMDFで強化された滑らかなフロントバッフルは回折を減らし、音響放射特性を改善します。あなたは、Premierが真の手作りの製造からもたらされる品質を構築するのを感じることができます。美しい家具級の仕上げは、この新しい基準の性能と価値を完成させます。



Product Price
設計 軸上の周波数応答 低周波エクステンション 感度室/電波暗
Premier 800F
4ドライバ、3ウェイバスレフ、フロアスタンド 43 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 27 Hz(DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
Premier 600C
6ドライバー、3ウェイパッシブラジエーターバスレフセンターチャンネル 60 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 40 Hz(DIN) 94 dB / 91 dB
Premier 700F
4ドライバ、3ウェイバスレフ、フロアスタンド 45 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 33 Hz(DIN) 91 dB / 88 dB
Premier 500C
4ドライバー、3ウェイアコースティックサスペンションセンターチャンネル 73 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 47 Hz(DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
Premier 200B
2ドライバー、2ウェイバスレフ本棚 68 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 45 Hz(DIN) 90 dB / 87 dB
Premier 100B
2ドライバー、2ウェイバスレフ本棚 68 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB 50 Hz(DIN) 90 dB / 87 dB


設計 4ドライバ、3ウェイバスレフ、フロアスタンド
クロスオーバー 2.5 kHz(ツイーター/ミッド)および700 Hz(ミッド/ウーファー)の2次の電気音響
軸上の周波数応答 43 Hz〜25 kHzで±3dB
高周波ドライバ 1インチ(25mm)X-PAL™ドーム、強磁性流体減衰/冷却、穴あき位相調整ツィーター(PPA™)レンズ
ミッドレンジ周波数ドライバ 6-1 / 2 "(165mm)の炭素注入ポリプロピレンコーンの周囲。穴あき位相調整レンズ(PPA™)
低周波エクステンション 27 Hz(DIN)
低周波ドライバ 2個の6-1 / 2インチ(165mm)ART™サラウンドカーボン注入ポリプロピレンコーン
感度室/電波暗 92 dB / 89 dB
周波数応答30°軸外 43 Hz〜20 kHzで±3dB
適切なアンプ電力範囲 15〜250ワット
最大入力パワー 180ワット
インピーダンス 8オームに対応
寸法H×W×D 41.5 "×9.125×13.75"(105.3 cm×23×35 cm)
重量 53.4ポンド。 (24.2kg)
終わり Gloss Black, Gloss White, Espresso Grain MK 2


スピーカーボックスプレミア800F YOUTUBEビデオ
スピーカーボックスプレミア800F YouTubeビデオ





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Ian Gardner
|August 28, 2023
Bought a pair of Premier 800F to replace my worn out ancient PSB 40MkII's to go with my new Marantz PM8006 integrated amp! After the break in period and hours of listening I am confident that my purchase was well worth it. I bi-wired/bi--amped these speakers and the sound is so clean and clear. I was initially concerned about the bass extension when I first hooked them up, but after breaking them in, it is not an issue at all. I use these speakers for music only [Blues, Country, Classic Rock, Jazz] and Bass is more than adaquate for pleasureable listening levels. I have also had the pleasure of hearing hidden details in my music collection through these speakers, that I had not noticed before. Ordering on line directly from Paradigm's website was quick, easy and the speakers were delivered in great shape, in a timely manner to my door. My friends [one a musician] are shocked at the quality and sound of these Canadian speakers and their price point! I'm not technically attuned or nor able to speak critically of every nuance of a speakers specific tonal atributes like die hard "audiophiles," I just know that I like music and I demand good sound and quality Equipment. In my humble opinion, these speakers more than hold their own against others I've heard that cost way more.
Royce Wilkins
|November 29, 2020
Well I was in the market to replace my Yamaha RX-595, found a replacement thanks to Entertainment Expressions help obtaining my Yamaha R-N803. After realizing the new stereo was much more clear, heard more music, and the overall change in sound, then I figured I needed to replace my Pioneer CS-R570 3 ways 25+ years of pounding them. Thanks to Jeff at Entertainment Expressions I got a few 3 way options to look at. They let me play really hard a set of F700's in the store to see what a lower set were like with my range of music. In the end between the two brands I was looking at I opted for the F800's versus another brand due to the Bass of these versus the larger woofers with a higher low end.. So far I have really been very happy with these F800's even with the smaller woofers. But also thanks to Jeff making sure I knew to allow them to break in has resulted in better bass and overall sound. Only thing that upset me was that you offered $400 off within a few days of my purchase. Do to Jeff's recommended options I did end up with these and glad about it. I am considering a second pair while you have a sale. To anyone that likes Natural Stereo music @ 100 W RMS .019 THD set to flat on EQ/dials, these are a great match for my Rock, Bach, Motzart, Tool, ZZ Top, Lorenna McKennitt, Michael Jackson, Santana The Righteous Brothers, Starship, Steve Miller Band and Jethro Tull to give you a range. May not be what you want for heavy bass, get a sub add on. I am amazed at the clean clear extra sound I get from these, I can actually much better hear the strum of a guitar string or any other instrument. I thought my old system was great and it was, but clearly technology has upped that massively. These I can turn up loud enough to hurt my ears, not distort, and not make me think I will break them as I did many times on my previous RX-595.It was only 80 W RMS .019 THD and it shelled many lesser speakers, only those Japanese Pioneers took the beating If I were to complain it is the sale program and that the tweeter side is a tiny bit overbearing, while mid seams at times over run. Seriously, minor complaints, except sales promos "major complaint". Awesome match to my Yamaha! Thanks to your staff and Entertainment expressions for introducing me, Royce