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Far Out Stuff

Far Out Stuff!

How far out do we go with technology? Some say we gotta be crazy, others (like our competitors!) say nothing – we think they're afraid, and others just hang on tight and enjoy the ride … SUB 2 was being sampled and reviewed at a Sound & Vision Hi Fi Show in Europe and here's what happened …


"I cranked the living heck out of the front end to 15 dB … above the point the Paradigm team felt was 'maximum' for public demos. The track wobbled, yet the SUB 2 ate it for lunch. The resident projector screen started to flap visibly as the room over-pressured. The air vent in the concrete ceiling began to rattle, growl and drop dead flies and debris on the heads of those below, and I saw fear in the eyes of the present public … The simple fact is I couldn't stress this product in any way. You will reach the limit of what you think is sane far sooner than you will find any limit in the Signature SUB 2. It's an absolute REFERENCE STATUS SUBWOOFER … and I love it."

- Adam Rayner, - Deep Into Technology