Audiophile Performance. Designed for the Outdoors.

For the ultimate, stealth outdoor experience the Garden Oasis family of products are designed to evenly distribute sound throughout your yard by combining multiple speakers with in ground subwoofers. Not only does this reduce potential noise complaints, but the products also blend in with your landscaping for a performance that is easily heard and not seen.

With Garden Oasis (GO), the bass is meant to be handled by a dedicated subwoofer that uses a specially designed port and hood to evenly distribute bass within a listening area. This not only removes a lot of stress from the other speakers, but it also means you get an incredible full range sound at ALL volumes. Since the bass is being handled by a subwoofer, the other speakers can also be much smaller in size making them easier to hide while still providing great sound.

Using more speakers ensures that sound is more evenly distributed throughout your yard and allows the system to be more easily heard at lower listening levels, something traditional setups typically struggle with. By doing this, demand on the amplifier is reduced and neighbors are not disturbed. Think of it this way: When lighting a large outdoor area, using multiple floodlights on a dimmer set to a low setting is far more effective than using a single floodlight with the dimmer set to high. If you want an outdoor audio experience that covers an area evenly with clear full range sound even at low volumes, the Garden Oasis Series from Paradigm is right for you.

There are several options to choose from in the GO family designed to meet the needs of almost any installation. The Essentials 8.1 system contains 8 speakers and 1 subwoofer that can easily be driven off a typical stereo amplifier. For more custom solutions, we also offer GO subwoofers and GO satellites “a la carte” with the satellite speakers featuring selectable impedance. Offering not only 8 ohm, but both 70 volt, and 100 volt operation, these satellites offer a wide range of install flexibility with select amplifiers being able to drive up to 100 satellites off a single 70 volt channel. So, no matter the scale of the system you need, there is a Garden Oasis product that is right for you.

Performance outdoor sound is easy to achieve with the Garden Oasis Essentials Outdoor System, an all-in-one package with 8 speakers and ground stakes, 1 in-ground subwoofer and waterproof wire connectors for easy installation in outdoor spaces. Even coverage means you can enjoy music at comfortable levels without any hotspots or dead zones, all without disturbing the neighbors in the process.

Proven Paradigm Performance

We put the same care and dedication to quality sound into Garden Oasis Essentials as we do all our audio products. If you already enjoy Paradigm’s legendary sound indoors, this system takes it outside.

Everything You Need in One Box

Paradigm's legendary sound is easy to achieve outdoors with Paradigm’s Garden Oasis Essentials, an all-in-one package with 8 speakers and ground stakes, 1 in-ground subwoofer and 20 waterproof wire connectors for easy installation in outdoor spaces up to 3,000 square feet. All you need to add is speaker wire and amplification.

Performance Without Complexity

You won’t need special amplifiers to power Garden Oasis Essentials. If you already have a second zone-enabled AV receiver, then you have the necessary electronics. Of course, you can step up to a dedicated power amp for even better performance.

Garden Oasis Essentials is easy to install with stakes and speaker housings that assemble without tools. All that’s needed to finish the job is a shovel and a pair of wire strippers. Just add speaker cable.

The Neighbor-Friendly Music System

Our landscape system uses multiple speakers with a subwoofer that are placed out in the yard facing in towards the listeners. This not only lets the speakers blend in with the landscaping more effectively, but it provides more even coverage and reduces noise complaints since the system is more easily heard especially at lower volumes.

Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED™) Technology

Garden Oasis Essentials includes patented technologies like Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED) which provides cleaner and more powerful midrange sound thanks to a unique tweeter housing. With irregular edges and an off-center placement, you won’t have any of the standing wave artifacts that reduce performance in traditional designs. This, combined with the wide-dispersion design of the satellites, means you get more even coverage AND better clarity.

Plan a Scalable System

Garden Oasis speakers are scalable. Unlike many other systems, you can start with just a pair of satellites and a subwoofer, and expand the system as your needs change, or as your budget allows. Garden Oasis can fit any size space, large or small, for ultimate flexibility.

In-Ground Subwoofers

To fill in the bottom end, all our in-ground subwoofers use high-output, water resistant drivers inside a HDPE enclosure (the same material used for underground water systems) for worry free operation. These 8” (GO Essentials System), 10” (GO10SW) or 12” (GO12SW) subwoofers are designed to be discrete with only the “mushroom cap” hood visible. This hood not only evenly distributes the bass, but it keeps the driver protected from the elements and provides a constant flow of fresh air for worry free operation. Garden Oasis speakers carry an IP54 rating, and all Garden Oasis subwoofers carry an IP58 rating and have been successfully tested underwater and in environments from -20°F to 185°F.

Quick Connect System

Mount the speakers on the ground, on a deck rail, in a tree, or under an eave. The half-inch threaded “Quick Twist Cap” mount works universally with all three speaker mounts: Ground Stake, wire-protecting Inground Conduit Box, or Surface Mount for decks and walls. These mounting options give you the flexibility to “plant” these satellites anywhere to get the sound coverage you desire.

Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED™) Technology

Patent-pending RED Technology consists of a tweeter housing that significantly reduces the negative effects of diffraction, while improving critical midrange frequencies even in the expansive outdoor environment. Its irregular edges and off-center placement break up the performance-robbing standing waves typically generated by traditional woofer cone and tweeter housing designs.

Off-Season Cover

Winter can be harsh, but we've got you covered...literally! Protect your speakers during the off-season with water-tight rubber covers.

Planning the System Layout

The Paradigm Garden Oasis Essentials Outdoor Music System is designed to deliver seamless, and evenly distributed sound coverage in an ‘open air’ environment. The illustration above shows how a daisy chain of satellite speakers and a subwoofer should be strategically placed to create even, balanced coverage around the outdoor environment. The satellite speakers should be spaced from 6 to 10 feet (2.4 - 3 meters) apart for optimal coverage. With a tighter spacing, more satellites will be required to fill out an area, but with the advantage of more consistent coverage and volume levels across the intended entertainment area.

To achieve the best balance between the satellites and subwoofer, the subwoofer should be placed as close to the center of the satellites as possible. Keep in mind that this is simply a suggestion and that your unique environment may dictate otherwise. If more bass is desired, placing the subwoofer near a wall or other solid surface will greatly reinforce the low bass frequencies.

Rotary Selector Switch

The rotary selector switch on the rear of each GO4 or GO6 speaker is easily accessed, allowing for quick conversion from 8-Ohm to 70/100V configurations.

Crown Amplifier with Custom Paradigm Audio Settings for Garden Oasis

How easy is it to power your Garden Oasis speaker system? The scalable Garden Oasis system can be powered using the Crown Amplifier, which is available direct from Paradigm. The Crown Amplifier comes pre-loaded with the correct settings to accommodate a multitude of speaker setups.

Volt-Tap Settings

The Crown Amplifier can also be purchased from your favorite audio dealer, and pre-sets can be downloaded from our website. Or, power your Garden Oasis system using the 8 Ohm amplifier of your choice. Use the chart below to dial-in the correct volt-tap settings that match the number of speakers, subwoofers, length of wire, and amplifier used in your Garden Oasis system.

Partnered with the NRC

Paradigm is partnered with Canada’s world-renowned NRC in ongoing research to reveal the true nature of sound and human hearing. Findings influence design and performance specs, resulting in a uniquely realistic listening experience, backed by sound science.