Audiophile Performance. Designed for the Outdoors.

For the ultimate, stealth outdoor experience the Garden Oasis family of products are designed to evenly distribute sound throughout your yard by combining multiple speakers with in ground subwoofers. Not only does this reduce potential noise complaints, but the products also blend in with your landscaping for a performance that is easily heard and not seen.

With Garden Oasis (GO), the bass is meant to be handled by a dedicated subwoofer that uses a specially designed port and hood to evenly distribute bass within a listening area. This not only removes a lot of stress from the other speakers, but it also means you get an incredible full range sound at ALL volumes. Since the bass is being handled by a subwoofer, the other speakers can also be much smaller in size making them easier to hide while still providing great sound.

Using more speakers ensures that sound is more evenly distributed throughout your yard and allows the system to be more easily heard at lower listening levels, something traditional setups typically struggle with. By doing this, demand on the amplifier is reduced and neighbors are not disturbed. Think of it this way: When lighting a large outdoor area, using multiple floodlights on a dimmer set to a low setting is far more effective than using a single floodlight with the dimmer set to high. If you want an outdoor audio experience that covers an area evenly with clear full range sound even at low volumes, the Garden Oasis Series from Paradigm is right for you.

There are several options to choose from in the GO family designed to meet the needs of almost any installation. The Essentials 8.1 system contains 8 speakers and 1 subwoofer that can easily be driven off a typical stereo amplifier. For more custom solutions, we also offer GO subwoofers and GO satellites “a la carte” with the satellite speakers featuring selectable impedance. Offering not only 8 ohm, but both 70 volt, and 100 volt operation, these satellites offer a wide range of install flexibility with select amplifiers being able to drive up to 100 satellites off a single 70 volt channel. So, no matter the scale of the system you need, there is a Garden Oasis product that is right for you.


Garden Oasis揚聲器具有可擴展性。與許多其他系統不同,您可以從一對衛星和一個低音炮開始,並根據您的需求變化或預算允許擴展系統。 Garden Oasis可以適應任何大小的空間,無論大小,都具有極大的靈活性。


將揚聲器安裝在地面,甲板導軌,樹上或屋簷下。半英寸螺紋“Quick Twist Cap”安裝座適用於所有三個揚聲器安裝座: 接地樁 ,電線保護Inground Conduit Box或用於甲板和牆壁的表面安裝 。這些安裝選項使您可以靈活地將這些衛星“植入”任何地方,以獲得您想要的聲音覆蓋。






每個GO4或GO6揚聲器後部的旋轉選擇開關都可以輕鬆訪問,可以從8歐姆到70 / 100V配置快速轉換。


為Garden Oasis揚聲器系統供電有多容易?可擴展的Garden Oasis系統可以使用Crown放大器供電,該放大器可直接從Paradigm獲得。 Crown放大器預先加載了正確的設置,以適應多種揚聲器設置。


皇冠放大器也可以從您最喜歡的音頻經銷商處購買,預設可以從我們的網站下載。或者,使用您選擇的8歐姆放大器為您的Garden Oasis系統供電。使用下表撥入正確的伏特設置,這些設置與Garden Oasis系統中使用的揚聲器,低音炮,線纜長度和放大器數量相匹配。