Prestige 95F

开始于 US$ 2,499.00


Prestige 95F落地式扬声器采用2.5路分频技术,大大提高了离轴性能(对于没有直接位于最佳位置前方的听众),并提升深沉的低音动态。声学性能的这种飞跃基于在低频下使用所有三个低音扬声器,而低音/中音覆盖语音和乐器,而无需“跨越”到专用中频。

设计 4驾驶员,2-1 / 2路落地式
交叉 二阶电声,2.0kHz(高音/中音); 2阶@ 400Hz(中/低音)
频率响应轴上 从37 Hz到20 kHz±2dB
高频驱动器 1“(25mm)X-PAL™圆顶,铁磁流体阻尼/冷却,穿孔相位对准(PPA™)高音扬声器镜头,有限元分析(FEA)优化的极片组件
中/低频频率驱动器 8英寸(203毫米)X-PAL™驱动器,包覆成型Active Ridge技术(ART™)环绕,SHOCK-MOUNT™隔离安装系统,1.5英寸高温音圈
低频扩展 24 Hz(DIN)
低频驱动器 两个8英寸(203毫米)X-PAL™驱动器,包覆成型的Active Ridge技术(ART™)环绕,SHOCK-MOUNT™隔离安装系统,1.5英寸高温音圈
灵敏度室/消音 94 dB / 91 dB
频率响应30°偏轴 从37 Hz到17 kHz±2dB
合适的放大器功率范围 15 - 450瓦
最大输入功率 240瓦
阻抗 兼容8欧姆
尺寸HXWXD‡包括底座,支脚,格栅和端子杯。 44.75“×13.25”×17.125“(113.7cm×33.7cm×43.5cm)
重量 68磅(31公斤)
饰面 光泽:钢琴黑,午夜樱桃和光泽白。缎:核桃和黑核桃






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Lawrence Jakobi
|February 16, 2019
Built a new stereo only system in spare bedroom for the purpose of listening to 1,000+ CD collection and hi-res FLAC albums stored on NAS. Also listen to streamed hi-res music using Tidal Masters, MQA encoded music. Went to Paradigm dealer and advised I needed the best sounding speakers that would fit in a spare bedroom, be able to be placed two feet from any walls and had to look good with the existing cherry wood furniture. Also, my greatest love of music was the human voice, jazz and classic. Dealer had me audition Prestige 95F for over an hour playing a range of classic, jazz, vocals...I was in love and ordered the 95F in black cherry. After a year of critical listening I can honestly state that these are the best speakers below $8,000 I have ever heard. Speakers are setup as triangle as Paradigm suggest with 2-feet from the walls. Broad staging, depth that seems to go beyond the walls and a clarity so precise, you can hear every instrument, picture in you minds eye the exact location of every artist and hear breathing and body movements that were never there before. Closing your eyes, you hear the physical movements of the artist as they walk across the stage or even if they turn their head you goose bumps it is so beautiful and accurate in the presented staging. For Opera, no longer do choruses get lumped together and Diva high notes no longer have any ringing that I have heard in so many speakers. I would not change one thing about these speakers and I will probably own these for the rest of my life. Also, as a side note, the black cherry is breathtaking. System is composed of stereo pair of Paradigm Prestige 95F, connected with Audioquest Rocket 44 connected to NAD M22 v2 amp with NAD C658 DAC/Streaming Preamp. All electronics are plugged into Audioquest Niagara 1000 which is connected to dedicated NRG Edison Duplex wall outlet. All music is stored on multiple NAS connecting through CAT6 Gigabit Ethernet LAN or streamed from Tidal Masters MQA. Now my biggest problem is there is not enough free time in my life to listen to the beautiful music offered by the 95F. Highly recommend.