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Archived Products - In-Wall - CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

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An in-wall speaker is typically rectangular or square in shape and sits flush-mounted in a wall cavity. Ideal in situations where floor space is at a premium or a minimalist aesthetic is desired.

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling Series

Enjoy high-performance from an in-wall/in-ceiling speaker with our CS Series affordable audiophile custom collection. Pure-aluminum domes and mineral-filled polypropylene cones. The die-cast or glass-reinforced polymer chassis and full-perimeter brackets on the previous CS Series v2 are the most rigid designs on the market. Our latest CS Series v3 speakers take high-performance one step further. The bezel-free aesthetic ensures true invisibility in a wall or ceiling and new rigid, resonance- and vibration-resistant ABS chassis/clamping system makes these new models even easier and faster to install. Same great performance. Same great sound.

Our affordable audiophile lineup. High-performance products for music and home theater that represent truly exceptional value.

CS-160 v3

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

6-1/2" woofer, 2-driver, 2-way in-wall/in-ceiling, ABS chassis/mounting clamps

CS-150 v3

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

5-1/2" woofer, 2-driver, 2-way in-wall/in-ceiling, ABS chassis/mounting clamps


CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

3-driver, 2-way in-wall, left / center / right, IRP™ chassis / mounting bracket


CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

5-1/2" woofers, 3-driver, 2-way in-wall left/center/ right, ABS chassis/mounting clamps

CS-60SQ-SM v2

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

Single speaker system with stereo L/R inputs, 3-driver, 2 x 2-way in-wall / in-ceiling, coaxially...

CS-160 v2

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

2-driver, 2-way in-wall / in-ceiling, IRP™ chassis / mounting bracket

CS-150 v2

CS In-Wall/In-Ceiling

2-driver, 2-way in-wall / in-ceiling, IRP™ chassis / mounting bracket