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Technology & Design

Bass/Midrange Drivers

Bass/midrange drive units deliver remarkably coloration-free response. High-pressure die-cast aluminum chassis, boasting our AVS Airflow Ventilation System cooling, boost power handling and ensure ultra-low distortion and exceptional reliability. The aluminum also prevents ringing and flexing while serving double duty as an effective heatsink.

Advanced cone materials ensure smooth, uniform response. Nomex® spiders and surrounds in a number of highly effective base materials foster linear excursion, minimizing compliance-induced distortion. High-hysteresis butyl suspensions eliminate "edge-hole" distortion. High-temperature wire on multi-layer voice coils and Apical™ or Kapton® formers ensure sonic accuracy and improve long-term reliability. Metallized high-integrity dust caps are shaped to promote wide, uniform off-axis dispersion. FEA-optimized, magnetic pole pieces and metal top plates support extended cone excursion.

Focused-field magnetic assemblies ensure low distortion and consistent frequency response, even at high output levels.