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Monitor SUB 10

Classic Collection » Monitor Series » Subwoofer

$950 each USD 



Type Name Size
Datasheet Monitor Sub Datasheet - Monitor7_SUB_Datasheet.pdf 1.2 MB
Manual Monitor Sub Manual - FINAL_MonitorSubManual_ONLINE.pdf 0.2 MB


Monitor SUB 10

4 years ago

There's No Place Like Home - Anthem MRX 510 A/V Receiver and Paradigm Monitor 7 Home-Theater Speaker

While $5,000 is certainly not chump change, in the world of hi-fi that investment often only gets you one stereo component. Alternately, that same money can provide a complete home-theater setup that offers great quality, performance, and value... For those seeking a single home audio/video solution, this Anthem/Paradigm combo gets you the best of both worlds: a solid two-channel setup and a 5.1 surround- sound system—just add audio and video sources. Plus, with unobtrusive looks and the ability to hide the subwoofer, you’ll forget the system is even in the room so you can get lost in the depths of a movie.

—Rob Johnson & Jeff Dorgay, TONEAudio
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Monitor SUB 10

4 years ago

Paradigm Monitor Series 7 Sub 10 Subwoofer - Extended, Clean Bass From A Tiny Box!

... I can conclude that the Monitor Series 7 Sub 10 is an unusually good subwoofer in the $1000-or-less price range, and would be hard to beat for deep bass performance at twice the size and twice the price. It is an exceptional piece of compact audio engineering by a top Canadian speaker company, and I bought the review sample to augment my multichannel audio system.

—Andrew Marshall, Audio Ideas Guide
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