MilleniaOne 1.0

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Product Price
设计 频率响应轴上 低频扩展 灵敏度室/消音
US$ 1,699.99
Dual driver, sealed box, vibration cancelling, built-in Ultra-Class-D™ power amplifier, USB port for PBK equalization ±3 dB 24Hz - 150Hz 21 Hz(DIN)
Millenia LP Trio
US$ 999.99
Millenia LP XL
US$ 749.99
7驱动器,双向低音反射器包括有源驱动器和无源辐射器。 120 Hz - 21 kHz时±3 dB 60 Hz(DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
Millenia LP 2
US$ 549.99
5驱动器,双向低音反射器包括有源驱动器和无源辐射器。 120 Hz - 21 kHz时±3 dB 75 Hz(DIN) 92 dB / 89 dB
MilleniaOne 1.0
US$ 349.99
双驱动,双向通风压铸铝外壳,带集成挡板和底盘。低衍射格栅可最大限度地提高成像效果并确保平滑分散。 120 Hz - 20 kHz时±2 dB 76 Hz(DIN) 89 dB / 86 dB


设计 双驱动,双向通风压铸铝外壳,带集成挡板和底盘。低衍射格栅可最大限度地提高成像效果并确保平滑分散。
交叉 2.2 kHz的三阶电声
高频驱动器 25毫米(1英寸)S-PAL™缎面阳极氧化纯铝圆顶
频率响应轴上 120 Hz - 20 kHz时±2 dB
频率响应30°偏轴 120 Hz - 18 kHz时±2 dB
中/低频频率驱动器 102毫米(4英寸)S-PAL™缎面阳极氧化纯铝圆顶
灵敏度室/消音 89 dB / 86 dB
低频扩展 76 Hz(DIN)
合适的放大器功率范围 15 - 100瓦
最大输入功率 50瓦
阻抗 兼容8欧姆
饰面 光泽黑,光泽白
尺寸HXWXD 7.75“×4.5”×5.75“(19.7cm×11.4cm×14.6cm)
重量 5.4磅(2.45千克)
配件(包括) 书架/桌面支架和墙托架





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John Polk
|January 11, 2023
The Millenia One is simply an incredible value, with sound comparable to speakers costing 3-5 times as much. As a former sound designer, I'm hard to please when it comes to the speakers I use. I discovered that when the Millenia Ones are combined to create 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound in a medium to small room, and matched with a high quality powered subwoofer, there's no question they're a great choice for those who want big sound in a smaller room at. No other system I listened to came close to satisfying my need for dynamic in-your-face surround sound at this price point. This 2-way speaker's design is a marvel, marrying high-end components and a rock solid mid-range crossover with a small footprint suitable for multiple placement options. The mid-bass, mid, and high frequencies are balanced and open, resulting in a highly satisfying sound stage, whether in a 2.1 configuration, or in a multi-channel Dolby Atmos surround system. Remember, Hollywood sound designers use the dedicated bass channel for nearly all content under 100 hz, so when you set your receiver's right/left/surround/height crossovers at 100 hz and let your sub take care of all bass from those channels, and then employ a full-range center channel speaker capable of reproducing bass to 60 hz or lower, and you use speakers like the Millenia Ones designed for 2-way high-end reproduction from 120hz-20Khz, you're matching your system to what the Atmos mixing engineers are aiming for. I use 8 of these babies for right/left, surround, and four Atmos height channels. Though you can use a Millenia One for your center channel as well, a better choice would be a center channel speaker with specs of at least 60 Hz - 20K Hz, to maximize dialogue reproduction and cleanly handle center channel mid-bass. I found the Millenia One's were a perfect complement to my elderly but still kickin' Polk CS-350 full-range center channel speaker. Overall, these little wonders have earned by highest recommendation!