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The initials LCR stand for Left, Center and Right, referring to the front left, right and center channels in a music and home theater speaker system. An LCR speaker can be used to play the left, right or center channel but one LCR speaker is required for each channel, hence three speakers are required for a complete LCR system.

CI Pro Series

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The Custom Installer’s Smarter Choice.The CI PRO series is Crafted in Canada and takes performance to the next level with patented technology, step-up components, and hallmark Paradigm sound quality, plus a new bezel-free micro-perf grille with an incredibly discreet aesthetic.


CI Pro Series

$1,999 each USD

4-driver, dual passive radiator, 3-way, shallow enclosure in-wall design


CI Pro Series

$1,499 each USD

3-driver, dual passive radiator, 2-way, shallow enclosure in-wall design


CI Pro Series

$999 each USD

3-driver, 2-way, shallow enclosure in-wall design

Cinema Series

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When size and sound matter, our affordable audiophile collection delivers blockbuster solutions like Cinema. Cinema speakers are designed for smaller spaces but despite their compact size, they deliver a blockbuster music and home theater experience.

Cinema 200

Cinema Series

$249 each USD

3-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension LCR on-wall with option to sit center speaker on a table or...