CS-60R v2

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Price when discontinued:
$199 each USD 

Behind The Scenes

Why settle for look-alike in-wall/in-ceiling speakers—those that at first glance look similar, but in the end can’t perform, when you can get the superior sound of CS Series speakers. Extended high-frequency performance, a detailed and authentic midrange and full-bandwidth bass bring the high-performance sound of CS Series speakers to any room in your home. Also ideal for use in offices, restaurants, etc.

Full-Perimeter Bracket Design. Unlike typical mounting ears, our brackets cover the full diameter (in-ceiling) or height and width (in-wall) of the speaker chassis in order to sandwich and strengthen the area around the mounting hole.

Superior PTD™ Pure-Titanium Tweeter Domes. Ferro-fluid damped and cooled. Smooth high-frequency performance with clarity across a wide listening area.

Superior Mineral-Filled Polypropylene Bass/Midrange Cones. Oversized computer-optimized magnets and high-power motors deliver detailed midrange performance with solid extended bass.

High-Strength IRP™ Injection-Molded Ribbed Polymer Chassis solve the flexibility problem that plagues walls and ceilings, dramatically reducing unwanted resonances and vibrations.