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Paradigm only sells to a network of authorized dealers hand picked by Paradigm. Any dealers NOT found using the resources below are not buying directly from Paradigm, and we can not guarantee or warranty any products they sell.

Paradigm speakers are NOT available online and NOT sold through mail order except with the following exceptions:

  • Paradigm.com - we sell select speakers on our paradigm.com website that are fulfilled directly through our dealer network.
  • Paradigm Direct Close Outs & Factory Refurbished Products Stores (Amazon & eBay). Learn more here »
  • Paradigm SHIFT Series - we authorize online selling for SHIFT Series products.

If you see any other websites advertising Paradigm speakers for sale, don’t buy from them! These are ‘bait and switch’ websites not authorized to carry Paradigm product. The site will reel you in by advertising Paradigm product they don’t have, then they’ll try to sell you another brand. If they do have Paradigm product, it came through shady “gray market” channels and there will be NO WARRANTY. Paradigm only honors warranties on products sold through Authorized Paradigm dealers.

Authorized Paradigm Dealers will NEVER match the prices offered on these sites. We offer exceptional products at exceptionally affordable prices. That’s the Paradigm difference. We invite you to hear that difference. Sit down today in an Authorized Paradigm Dealer’s store and listen — one more thing those online sites can’t offer — an in-store demo!