Technology & Design: Quiet Enclosures

Paradigm enclosures use acoustically inert high-density hardboard and strategically located radial braces (as needed) to limit unwanted resonances, increase enclosure stiffness and prevent "ballooning" effects. Acoustical damping material eliminates internal standing waves. Low-diffraction grilles minimize interference from enclosure edges. High-velocity, low-noise ports allow maximum bass efficiency with minimum turbulence distortion.But there's more, much more …

At a fraction of the thickness of typical wood enclosures, the extruded aluminum design on our more tapered lifestyle floor standing models affords all the benefits of a larger speaker in a significantly slimmer package, with no noticeable internal resonances. The dramatic side curvature not only adds a touch of class, it provides additional structural integrity. Check out the Millenia section for more information.

Half-in/half-out-of-the-wall, our Millenia Hybrids with their ultra-thin profile boast the ultimate enclosures in their on-wall category! Even with the grille on they are already thinner than today's thinnest flat panels. In fact, they are so thin they're equipped to take on those even thinner flat panels yet to come. Resonances? And since the hybrids mount only part way into the wall, we were able to use a relatively large enclosure with its inherent performance advantages, but still have only a small portion of the speaker protruding into the room. Engineered to incorporate the predictable effect of the wall on the speaker's frequency response, our Hybrids yield award-winning Paradigm Reference quality fidelity!