Technology & Design: Quality Control

Our dedication to better design and superior quality control is clearly audible, you can hear it in every speaker we make!

Some companies pair-match their speakers as a means of quality control, but we go one step further. To ensure superior sonic uniformity, we match every speaker to within 1/2 dB of its production reference!

How? By insuring a higher level of precision at every stage of production. Here are just a few examples:

  • We wind voice coils to ±0 turns so impedance cannot vary and cause response inconsistencies. ±1 turn is the typical industry standard.
  • The magnetic gaps in our magnet structures have tolerances of ±0.025 mm (±0.001 in) to ensure higher unit-to-unit consistency.
  • Cone material is batch-purchased to eliminate run-to-run variations.
  • Paradigm film capacitors are ±5% tolerance.
  • We use precision components in our amplifiers to ensure consistency and reliability. All of our amplifier circuit boards are made to military specifications. (FR4-rated)
  • Our inductors are wound to ±1/2 turn. The industry standard is typically ±3 turns.
  • Every circuit board is pre-tested (with software we designed and coded) on a “bed of nails” — a contact system that tests multiple connections at once — to ensure that it meets specifications.
  • Every amplifier is operated with a test load before it leaves the factory to ensure reliability.