Technology & Design: Loudspeaker Components Explained

You are what you eat; what goes in makes a difference in what comes out. Goes for loudspeakers, too. That's why Paradigm uses the best possible materials and components for each and every aspect of our loudspeaker designs. Most of our components are designed and engineered, and custom crafted, by us. Superior components achieve superior performance.

High-Frequency Drivers

High-frequency drivers (tweeters) reproduce the very highest audible frequencies. This is super important because your brain uses high frequency sounds as audio GPS: high frequency details provide information about "where" a sound originates and its placement in space. Lifelike high frequency details contribute to a convincing musical soundstage or ear-tricking surround sound effect: "imaging."

To achieve the sine qua non of high frequency realism, Paradigm uses a suite of tweeter technologies from specialized dome materials, to augmented motor components, phase-guides, and braced isolation enclosures.

For example, the flagship Persona Series uses tweeters of Beryllium foil. Beryllium, with its low mass, high tensile strength and thermal stability, is the perfect tweeter material. It delivers pristine detail and enhanced, distortion-free high frequency output.

Producing high frequencies is hard work. So Paradigm high frequency driver motors feature high-temp-tolerant voice coils, aluminum formers, ferro-fluid cooling and powerful oversized magnets to ensure high thermal capacity and high power handling.

Inside the cabinets, special braced chambers keep the tweeter units isolated, damping internal standing waves.

Outside, Perforated Phase-Aligning Lens (PPA) technology and WaveGuide™ faceplates ensure wide, exceptionally uniform off-axis response, for convincingly accurate imaging no matter where you're sitting.

Midrange/Bass Drivers

Midrange drivers and bass drivers (or, woofers) fill in all the sound below the highs. It takes a solid performer, lightweight to move fast and stiff to avoid crimping under pressure, to produce the kind of accurate response and volume level that lifelike audio demands.

Paradigm midrange drivers and woofers are formed of specialized materials, designed or chosen for their agility and rigidity, to ensure smooth, uniform response in their assigned frequencies.

We use hardened high-pressure die-cast aluminum or injection-molded driver chassis to eliminate ringing and flexing (they also function as more efficient heatsinks). High-temp-resistant, multi-layer voice coils and high-quality formers ensure sonic accuracy and improve long-term reliability. Focused-field magnet assemblies ensure low distortion and consistent frequency response, even at high output levels.

Midrange/Bass drive units are housed in braced, isolated chambers within speaker enclosures to keep their frequency ranges intact and damp internal resonances.

Woofers are often positioned in opposition to one another, to eliminate near-wall and internal resonances. Overmolded ART Surrounds bond the drivers to their baskets, eliminating distortion caused by flexing, and allowing for longer excursion, especially in the case of pounding big woofer drivers.

Crossover Networks

Our proprietary multi-element frequency- and phase-coherent crossover networks are purpose-designed for each of our speaker models. Many of them have recently been redesigned with new technology for even more control and better performance.

We hand-select high-power, close-tolerance components for incredible accuracy. We use durable, high voltage film and bi-polar capacitors, heavy gauge inductors, and superior ceramic stand-off resistors for effortless consistency at any playback level.

Because of this attention to detail, Paradigm crossovers ensure seamless, lifelike blending across frequencies and transparent realism across the entire audible spectrum.


The enclosure is more than just a box that holds drivers. It plays an important role in the performance of the loudspeaker. And it's also the most obvious part of the loudspeaker, and so plays a part in your acceptance of the speaker in your home and decor.

Paradigm speaker enclosures are designed using advanced computer assisted engineering for insanely precise tolerances and absolutely hermetic seals. They are constructed of acoustically inert medium- and high-density hardboard.

Strategically located radial braces criss-cross the interior space to eliminate unwanted resonances, increase overall stiffness, and prevent common “ballooning” effects. High-velocity low-noise ports are built in to allow maximum low frequency extension with minimum turbulence.

Inside the enclosure, acoustic damping material eliminates internal standing waves. Outside, specially designed low-diffraction grilles minimize interference. On the bottom, adjustable feet and acoustic spikes give you stable choices on any flooring.

Finally, Paradigm applies a multi-step, hand-buffed, furniture-grade finish to create a work of audio art that you will be proud to display in your home.

Give a Paradigm enclosure the knuckle-test and you'll hear an absolutely "dead," completely rigid thunk. No performance-robbing vibrations here! (And that finish...!)

Subwoofer Amplifiers

Subwoofers demand tons of clean power to move their big woofer drivers fast and far to produce the kind of thrilling low frequency effects that you can feel.

Our patented-design, high-power, high-current subwoofer amplifiers deliver effortless, efficient power.

They feature hand-chosen, precision-engineered components, on dual-sided, multi-layered military-spec (FR4-rated) glass-epoxy circuit boards with plated through-holes.

They feature unique technologies like Adaptive PWM (Pulse Width Modulation), which limits and smooths power supply variations without missing a beat, and massive heatsinks for cool running even under the most demanding performance conditions.

The addition of Anthem Room Correction (ARC) Technology, the easiest to use professional optimization software, instantly optimizes low frequency performance in any room.

Powered by our amplifiers and their associated technologies, Paradigm subwoofers deliver instantaneous accuracy, and reference-quality performance, with bulletproof reliability.

These components and materials and technologies, along with many more, are all ingredients that make up the classic Paradigm Sound: Accurate, transparent, utterly realistic.