Technology & Design: Crossovers

The crossover coordinates it all, like the conductor of a massive symphony orchestra (and choir). Crossovers are judged by their attention to detail, precision and speed. They must live up to an audio ideal: accuracy and transparency, and realistic frequency blending, all achieved by the perfectly engineered slope.

Paradigm multi-element frequency and phase-coherent crossover networks are purpose-designed for each speaker model. They are handcrafted of high-power, close-tolerance components, like polypropylene capacitors and air-core coils, each selected for their superior performance and reliability.

Our crossovers are specially "voiced" for enhanced mid-range clarity, with proprietary topology that produces vanishingly low distortion and achieves seamless dynamic integration.

This kind of precision tuning preserves even the most microscopic sonic nuances, while easily handling the full audio spectrum of even the most challenging sources.

Paradigm crossovers are engineered to deliver sound of unparalleled purity, precision, clarity, and openness — a sonic performance that virtually eliminates the speaker from the equation, leaving only the sound you want to hear.