Research & Development: Overview

Recognition on an international level, more than 400 industry awards for sonic excellence, and numerous rave reviews from around the world trace their beginnings back to two key words … research and development. No one in the industry is more committed to consistently achieving and exceeding excellence than Paradigm. State-of-the-art design, precision engineering, the finest material, in-house manufacturing and … testingtestingtesting … consistently results in speakers that are audibly and measurably superior.

It all begins with Research! What is good sound and how do we know when it’s “good”? To find out, The National Research Council (NRC) of Canada conducted extensive listener preference tests over two decades.

The results of these tests gave Paradigm engineers a thorough understanding of how we “hear” speakers, revealed the measurable traits common to all good-sounding speakers, and clearly established what design parameters were critical to “good” sound. The rest is history.

The name Paradigm is now synonymous the world over with sonic excellence … we design, engineer and manufacture the finest sounding speakers at any price!

Today, our Research and Development facilities are counted among the most advanced in the world. From these facilities new concepts, materials and components are tested, and designs are developed which keep Paradigm at the leading edge of speaker technology.