Research & Development: Getting it Right

Paradigm speakers are internationally recognized for their exceptional sound. Quite simply, they are the best-sounding speakers in the world!

Why? Extensive listener preference tests conducted by the National Research Council (NRC) give our design engineers a firm understanding of how we hear speakers and clearly establish what design parameters are most critical to "good" sound.

Using the NRC findings along with both measurement-based analysis and subjective double-blind testing our engineers work to constantly improve Paradigm speakers in the three critical areas:

Flat Midrange

Midrange response must be smooth and even with coloration reduced to the lowest level possible.

Smooth Total Energy Response

On- and off-axis sound must be fundamentally similar. Dispersion must be wide and uniform, ensuring superior imaging and a wide listening area.

Low Distortion

Distortion must be reduced to lowest levels possible.

Better Bass Response

Bass must be tight, extended and well-defined.

Higher Power-Handling

To improve dynamic contrasts and thus sonic realism, power compression must be minimized. Unyielding attention to all of these areas results in speakers that are both measurably and audibly superior. When it comes to high-performance audiophile sound, Paradigm gets it right!

One of Paradigm's controlled double-blind listening room for repeatable, accurate subjective speaker analysis