Research & Development: Anechoic Accuracy

The barrier to great sound is unwanted resonances and colorations. Since these deficiencies can most clearly be seen in frequency response measurements, the most important measure of any speaker is its frequency response. Closer to a flat line means fewer resonance / coloration deficiencies and less intrusion on the sound being reproduced. NRC listener preference studies show — and audiophiles universally agree — that flat midrange response, in particular, directly correlates to accurate high-end sound.

Since frequency response measurements are so fundamental, the ability to measure accurately cannot be ignored. While much of the industry still uses low-cost, computerized pseudo-anechoic measurement techniques, these are seldom accurate and often misleading. Paradigm favors the much more accurate and expensive method of measuring in a real anechoic chamber where the speaker's sound can be completely isolated and then captured. Of course, a very sophisticated measuring system is needed to record this sound data with repeatable accuracy.

Paradigm's state-of-the-art R&D facility includes a new 36,000-cubic-foot (more than 1 million litres) fully isolated anechoic chamber and a proprietary measurement system that is the most accurate available. Developed at Paradigm's Advanced Research Center (PARC) this measurement system allows for in-depth analysis of a speaker.Our proprietary Automated Servo Mechanism allows laser-calibrated measurements between the microphone diaphragm and loudspeaker azimuth accurate to within ± 1/10th of a degree!

Total Sound Power measurement and numerous calculations, can be done quickly and with the highest precision. Additional measurement capabilities include: MLS; Swept Sine; Stepped Sine; FFT; Impulse Response; Wide-band Spectrum Analysis; Impedance; Phase Response; Total Harmonic Distortion; Individual Harmonic Distortion Analysis (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, etc.); and Mechanical / Vibrational Analysis.

All measurements are computer-based using digitally generated signals. A proprietary graphical user interface maintains the extensive measurement database and allows for immediate comparative analysis. Paradigm's cutting-edge, anechoic-based measurement system allows for consistently accurate high-resolution measurements through the complete audible range, right down to an unheard of 6 Hz!

A highly advanced digital data — acquisition measurement system operated with software developed and written by Paradigm researchers.