Research & Development: About the Front Axis

Good speakers disperse sound widely so that everyone can hear them, regardless of where they sit, thus preventing “holes” in the soundstage. Wide dispersion also provides the spaciousness that is essential to imaging. The purpose of measuring is to seek out and control unwanted resonances and colorations, thereby improving sound accuracy. But merely measuring the sound directly in front of a speaker is not enough. Unless they are also taken at many points about the front axis of the speaker, measurements will be incomplete and deficiencies missed.

Paradigm engineers take multiple frequency response measurements starting at the speaker’s direct axis and continuing in 15° increments to 180° left-right and 180° up-down. In total, this data shows a speaker’s output in its entire front hemisphere. Putting the speaker under this measurement “microscope” enables us to “see” and control unwanted resonances, colorations and other anomalies throughout its complete front sound radiating area.

Measurements are taken at many points about the front axis.

Paradigm speakers have exceptionally neutral midrange response combined with smooth resonance-free off-axis response throughout their front hemisphere.