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Anthem®D类放大器可通过标准无线网络将无损音频无线传输到任何一对无源扬声器。包括Anthem房间更正(ARC)。 2 x 200W动态峰值; 2 x 100W RMS。仅提供黑色。

设计 Anthem®D类无线2声道放大器
放大器 Anthem®D类放大器; 2 x 200W动态峰值; 2 x 100W RMS 4欧姆
房间更正 Anthem Room Correction - ARC™,带有校准麦克风
频率响应轴上 从20Hz到20kHz +/- 1dB
灵敏度室/消音 0.75 Vrms /
阻抗 兼容4,6和8欧姆扬声器
饰面 黑,白
输入 RCA模拟输入,USB(用于固件更新),以太网10/100,L / R扬声器端子
无线接收器 2.4GHz和5.0GHz; 802.11 g / n
尺寸HXWXD 3.125“×5.75”×8.625“(7.9cm×14.6cm×21.9cm)
重量 3磅(1.4千克)






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weston turner
|April 24, 2020
I have used 3 of these in my home over the last 18 months in conjunction with a high end amp (Anthem MRX1120 ) which had built in Play-fi. They allow multiple amps to stream the same content in various places at a master volume or individual volumes, a real joy to hear when you go from the living room to the bedroom to fold laundry and the music continues. At 100 wpc, they have always had more power than needed and are compact and the sound has been great. These do have the Anthem Room Correction and come with a mic, which is a powerful tool (it initiates various noises, listens to the mic, and corrects the output to prevent unwanted room feedback). The Play-fi app promised to be amazing but had severely limited functionality of the programs I normally stream (e.g. Pandora premium that allows individual song searches and playlists only shows up as radio stations in the app). I have used these with a self setup media server and that configuration was slow, but Tidal (lossless) did stream without issue. The value of the wireless, room to room (patio, living room, bedroom, garage) music has outweighed the terrible Play-fi app but I am hopeful it will improve. The devices prompt for updates every few weeks and a few minutes later your listening. I have experienced a few times initiating the app, music playing, and no sound or adding an amp without sound but a few times in 18 months playing multiple times a week may be acceptable, just restart the app. Enjoy.
Kevin Journeaux
|March 24, 2019
The PW Amp is a well made, solidly built network amplifier. The sound is crisp and clear. The sound is amazing. It is compact and can be hidden away, as you do not have to access the front panel controls during use - use the Play-Fi app on your phone to set your music source and the volume. Sweet. Play-Fi allows me to play my music synchronously in multiple rooms as I also have an Anthem MRX-720 receiver. And it has ARC, which Sonos does not have. What does ARC do? From my listening to it, it locks up the sound stage. If you listen on your headphones, and then to the same music on your livingroom speakers, no doubt your livingroom will not give you the same sense of being able to locate instruments, or have the same sense of ambience from the recording. ARC removes the resonances in your room, which helps to take the room out of the listening equation, so as a result the sound stage improves. ARC removes bloat and boomyness by reducing the amplifier's output for those frequencies to compensate where your listening room has resonances. And every room has resonances. See and put your room dimensions into the calculator. This is a great sounding network amplifier with a room compensation system found nowhere else.