PT-1 Wireless Transmitter


$99 each USD 

PT-1 Wireless Transmitter

Compatible with:
Monitor SUB 8, Monitor SUB 10, Monitor SUB 12 and the MilleniaSub.
Not for use with any other brand of subwoofer.

In a typical listening room, the PT-1 transmitter has a maximum range of 50’ (15 m). Obstructions such as walls, large pieces of furniture, room dividers, etc. may reduce this range.

PT-1 Feature Set

  • Selectable 3-position latency switch (see below)
  • Fast, auto-reconnect upon power outage
  • For use with up to 4 Paradigm or Paradigm Reference subwoofers
  • Black finish

Latency Switch

The back-panel latency switch adjusts the delay between the PT-1’s audio signal input and the subwoofer receiver’s RF output, optimizing the integrity of the wireless transmission and minimizing distortion.