Monitor SUB 8

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Datasheet Monitor Sub Datasheet - Monitor7_SUB_Datasheet.pdf 1.2 MB
Manual Monitor Sub Manual - FINAL_MonitorSubManual_ONLINE.pdf 0.2 MB


Monitor SUB 8

12 months ago

Paradigm PW Soundbar / PW 600 Loudspeakers / Monitor Sub 8 Subwoofer

I’m glad I finally agreed to test a soundbar system. Paradigm’s PW Soundbar, PW 600 surrounds, and Monitor Sub 8 subwoofer were easy to set up wirelessly, and the inclusion of Anthem Room Correction puts the PW Soundbar a step above other wireless soundbars.

—Vince Hanada, Soundstage! Xperience
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Monitor SUB 8

5 years ago

Paradigm Monitor SUB 8 subwoofer with Perfect Bass Kit

“Generally you don’t want to call a subwoofer cute. You want your subwoofer to be burly and manly… But once you look under the hood and unleash its power, it turns out it’s an absolute monster… If you’re looking to put some deep, tight, bass in your place without taking up a lot of space, I can think of few other subs I’d recommend more highly than the Monitor SUB 8. This thing is just awesome.”

—Caleb Denison, Digital Trends
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