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Price when discontinued:
$1,299.99 each USD 



3 years ago

Paradigm 30th Anniversary Inspiration Monitor

The Inspirations do a fine job of representing the whole spectrum of values for which Paradigm stands. They give us advanced materials and technology (e.g., the beryllium tweeter and anodized aluminum mid/bass driver with its distinctive corrugated surround), fine build-quality (the dark garnet-red Inspirations on their matching stands are a sight to behold), and great value for money. But most of all, they provide an accurate, engaging, high-integrity sound, which is what has attracted so many followers to the Paradigm brand for the past thirty years.

—Chris Martens, The Absolute Sound
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4 years ago

Reviewers' Choice

Paradigm Reference 30th Anniversary Inspiration Loudspeakers

The beautifully built 30th Anniversary Inspiration is, by far, the best-looking stand-mounted speaker Paradigm has ever made, and to my ears is their best-sounding and their highest-resolution... What’s probably more important is this: In terms of appearance, build, and sound, as well as the exclusivity offered by a limited edition, and the cachet of custom features, the Paradigm Reference 30th Anniversary Inspiration is a unique and highly appealing speaker that’s tough to beat at the price. If all that doesn’t make a product special, I’m not sure what does. If what I’ve described appeals to you, consider ordering some Inspirations before it’s too late.

—Doug Schneider, SoundStage! Network
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